John Graves

Chief Visionary Officer, NetComm

An accomplished business and technology executive, John Graves leads the long-term development and direction of NetComm’s technological leadership and product vision.

Recognized as a thought leader in the field of emerging technologies and e-business solutions, John is responsible for shaping NetComm’s overall strategy and applying new tools that allow the company to anticipate and lead market transitions for its federal customers. As Chief Visionary Officer, John has been at the forefront of NetComm’s growth and transformation strategy for three decades. He has spearheaded major moves into new government customer segments and the integration of a fully cloud-based technology model.

An experienced entrepreneur, John has launched and led a number of Internet startups prior to founding NetComm. With more than 10 years of experience directly supporting government operations, he plays a crucial role in aligning NetComm’s solutions and objectives with customer needs and missions, delivering innovation at scale.

John attended Yale University and is a graduate of The University of Maryland.