Introducing Beacon

Beacon by NetCommBeacon is NetComm’s data analytics toolset that allows users to create customized dashboards tailored to an organization’s or agency’s particular needs. Users can quickly gain business intelligence and analyze pending actions like budget and workforce analytics and data anomalies, as well as business process workflows. Beacon is mobile-ready and provides powerful data analytics tools to standardize reporting and projections from your current federal systems of record. Contact us to learn more about this powerful resource and how it can make your company more efficient.

Beacon Flow

Beacon Flow is FedRAMP-certified, cloud-based form routing solution that automates and simplifies routing and tracking packages. It supports any document you want to route within your organization and new workflows can be defined without additional programming or consulting. With Beacon Flow, federal users can upload, digitally route, sign, and approve documents, all through the Beacon interface. Additionally, the solution offers the following key advantages:

  • Accessibility to review a form at any time
  • Role-based views and increased privileges and functionality for administrators
  • E-mail alerts are sent after each signature, expediting the routing process
  • The creation of new workflows is easy and does not require programming

Using Beacon Flow, federal organizations gain consistent and accurate business intelligence that allows them to make decisions that drive process efficiencies, save time, and enable data discoveries. 

Beacon HR

Beacon HR pulls a wealth of human resources information from different sources into a common interface that offers projection and forecasting modules. Information added to the HR module allows users to access personnel service planning data that is not easily found in official records.

Beacon HR gives users the tools to plan for personnel actions including:

  • Full time equivalent ceilings
  • Compensation and benefits information
  • Recruiting and salary records aggregated up the organization chain for clear views of projected personnel requirements
  • Awards and training programs 
Beacon Finance

Beacon Finance offers powerful, highly refined and customized tools for reporting, planning and tracking. With Beacon Finance, users can obtain particular financial data in the most useful configurations, making workflows simple and centralized. All users view the same data in real-time for organizational consistency, efficiency and increased productivity. Beacon Finance’s collaborative program brings all information together in a consistent, shareable format with the ability to track progress toward common goals.

Beacon eForms

Beacon eForms is a complete paperless routing tool that allows business processes to be streamlined by automating current paper workflows. Beacon eForms is mobile-ready and includes custom workflow analysis, form generation and approvals. Data can be extracted into variable databases that can be configured for further analysis. The status of workflows, like Telework and Performance Management Appraisal Process (PMAP), can be tracked using real-time reporting, providing enhanced business intelligence. This powerful tool allows users to compile data into a single dashboard, creating an accurate compilation of data from multiple sources.

Beacon Digital Signatures

Beacon Digital Signatures work by deploying Windows and Mac Digital Signature Client agents to an organization’s customer workstations, integrating them with its existing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) supporting the organization’s federal smart Personal Identification Verification (PIV) Card systems.

Beacon Property and Facilities Management

This timesaving productivity toolset provides real-time, mobile-ready properties intelligence. Beacon Property and Facilities Management features accurate, real-time property tracking capabilities that eliminate lengthy manual data reconciliation.

Key Features include:

  • Property tracking equipped with barcodes, badge photos and inventory images
  • Building distribution mapping of floor plans linked to property and employees including matching personnel with available space for optimal configuration
  • Real-time, executive level business intelligence
  • Customized workflows