Beacon Finance

Public Sector Financial Planning and Management Simplified

Technology that supports proven performance and reliability for all financial management functions

Beacon Finance is the go-to financial management and planning platform, custom-built for government agencies. The solution seamlessly supports all critical functions of financial planning, management, tracking, reporting, and projections. It allows organizations to deliver performance on time and with accuracy, while maintaining their focus on the ‘big picture’ strategy.

From determining project spending and budget tracking to automatically importing reports and data from disparate sources, the Beacon Finance solution is a critical planning and budgeting tool that automates, accelerates and improves agencies’ ability to execute financial management.

With Beacon Finance, users can easily perform the following critical functions:

  • Role and responsibility-based access to relevant, timely and accurate data
  • Interactive drill-down and analysis from integrated data
  • Actionable reports and reminders
  • Customizable functions for financial projections, budget tracking, threshold alerts, etc.

Beacon Finance is the premier management solution for federal agencies, enabling proven performance and faster results. The technology is cloud-based and operates with unmatched speed, accuracy, and security.

Beacon Finance is a key tool for many leading government departments looking to stay ahead of mandates, budgetary directives, and management needs.

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