Beacon Flow

Beacon Flow is the latest extension of the Beacon product suite, advancing the company’s comprehensive e-business and process management capabilities. The product can be used effectively by organizations of all sizes, allowing users to upload, digitally route, sign, and approve documents, all through the Beacon interface. It is custom-built to drive massive operational efficiencies, save time, and completely digitalize the document routing process.

As a result, organizations can massively improve their process management effectiveness, shorten time-to-delivery of document routing, and avoid unnecessary delays in approvals, reporting, and other day-to-day business function. With Beacon Flow, organizations can move at the speed of business to do more with less.

The product is appropriate for any business function and is built to handle sensitive data with high security and compliance fidelity.

Beacon Flow is a state-of-the-art business management solution that automates and simplifies routing and tracking packages. It supports any document you want to route within your organization and new workflows can be defined without additional programming or consulting. Additionally, the solution offers the following key advantages:

  • Accessibility to review a form at any time
  • Role-based views and increased privileges and functionality for administrators
  • E-mail alerts are sent after each signature, expediting the routing process
  • The creation of new workflows is easy and does not require programming

Using Beacon Flow, organizations gain consistent and accurate business intelligence that allows them to make decisions that drive process efficiencies, save time, and enable data discoveries. 

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