Beacon by NetComm

Simplify and Accelerate Your Business Operations with the Beacon Suite

Introduction to the leading e-business and process management solution

The Beacon suite is NetComm’s the marquee solution, custom-built to support organizations in improving, automating, and managing their most critical business functions. This turnkey, cloud-based technology platform is perfectly suited for organizations of all sizes.

The Beacon suite support a wide range of processes and critical workflows, including the integration of HR and Finance data, Property and Facilitates Management, ePMAP, and eForms.  It also includes the recently introduced Beacon Flow, an innovative tool that automates organizations’ e-routing and document processing.

The Beacon suite supports businesses and government agencies in accomplishing their objectives faster, more effectively and efficiently with customized workflows, reporting, and business management tools.

The Beacon platform is a critical tool that accelerates and improves organizations’ ability to digitalize and optimize their business practices.

With the Beacon suite, users can easily perform the following critical functions:

  • Gain reliable and consistent data analysis and reporting
  • Customize workflows, alerts, and planning to maintain a proactive view of day-to-day operations
  • Conduct automated, fast, and seamless management of tasks
  • Access executive-level business intelligence at a glance
  • Apply fully digitalized processes -- from e-routing to digital signatures

Beacon has specific modules that address the needs of HR, Finance, Operations, Property Management and other departments.

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