Beacon Property and Facilities

Government Property Management and Operations Optimized

Technology that paves the way for better property and facilities management

The Beacon Facilities and Property Management solution facilities, supports, and improves critical functions for any organization tasked with property and facilities management. The solution automates and digitalizes inventory mapping, tracking, facilities planning and management, all through one single interface.

From automating floor plans to customizing location mapping, the Beacon Facilities and Property Management solution is a critical tool that accelerates and improves organizations’ ability to conduct inventory location, facilities tracking, and property planning and management. It is powered by a cloud-based platform, making it an accessible, reliable, and compliant solution for any government agency or commercial enterprise.

 With Beacon Facilities and Property Management, users can easily perform the following critical functions:

  • Planning and space management, including customizable and real time location mapping, centralized reporting and instant visibility into floor plans, occupancies, and vacancies
  • Up-to-the minute property tracking, including department, location and inventory threshold tracking and value reporting
  • Automated, fast, and seamless management with a proactive review of changing planning needs, response plans, personnel and budget changes

Beacon Facilities and Property Management is the go-to management solution for public and private sector organizations, enabling proven performance and faster results.

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