An Actionable Guide to Getting FedRAMP Certified

01 Jun

An Actionable Guide to Getting FedRAMP Certified

Achieving a Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) certification can be a daunting and expensive task. More often than not, organizations find that getting started and setting the right expectations with your customers and executives are the most challenging parts of the process.

With the government IT landscape evolving rapidly towards cloud adoption, it's very likely that FedRAMP will become a must-have certification for all cloud solutions in government. To that end, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon and tackle the process head on. In just 18 months, NetComm achieved an NIH Agency ATO. Our FedRAMP success story can be applied to agencies and CSPs across the federal government if they take the right steps and follow the procedures that have been set forth. 

When undergoing the FedRAMP process, preparation is key and a readiness audit by your Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO) can be invaluable in understanding what accreditation will look like for you. You’ll need to identify the roles and responsibilities of each person within your system, clearly define your system boundaries, as well as what services are “out of system bounds.”

Organizations should not modify the core FedRAMP templates. Changing the templates will likely cause delays in your security evaluation as your agency and the FedRAMP Project Management Organization will have to find the required information elsewhere.

To ensure your FedRAMP accreditation goes as smoothly as possible, all internal and external authentication processes should use multi-factor authentication. Companies should construct a system boundary around only their most popular offerings, rather than the entire technical stack. It is critical to engage with industry experts and partners such as a 3PAO auditor with proven experience to minimize risk and accelerate the compliance timeline.

With our FedRAMP certification, NetComm is positioned to expand our solutions to help clients across the government manage their data analytics and other HR, financial, and performance management functions with secure cloud-based tools.

We welcome questions and comments about this blog post and our FedRAMP experience.