Beacon Flow Builds on NetComm’s Capabilities and Innovation

23 Mar

Beacon Flow Builds on NetComm’s Capabilities and Innovation

At NetComm, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Since the inception of the company, we’ve built a dedicated team that is committed to advancing our customers’ missions by delivering solutions that save time, resources, and allow agencies to be more efficient and effective. We continue to adapt our technology and approach to meet customer needs.

Introducing Beacon Flow

In 2017 and beyond, the proposed fiscal budgets dictate massive overhead cuts and will require most agencies to curtail spending on business and digital processes. To address these and other emerging customer pain points, NetComm recently unveiled a new module of the Beacon platform, Flow.

Beacon Flow enables customers to derive massive operational efficiencies, save time, and realize data discoveries by simplifying the document routing process. Specifically, federal users can upload, digitally route, sign, and approve documents, all through the Beacon platform. This capability is unique in the federal marketplace in its scalability, ease of use and implementation, and agility. Even users with no technical background or training can leverage the technology to its fullest extent due to its intuitive interface.

Simplifying e-Routing, Data Access and Business Management

Government agencies are under multiple mandates to optimize reporting, information sharing, and document authorization without compromising cybersecurity and compliance standards. Today, many federal workers are using paper-based processes and lack the ability to effectively and efficiently e-route and manage their day-to-day business tasks. With Beacon Flow, federal users can easily digitalize their processes and reap the benefits of easily reviewing, optimizing, and collaborating through a standardized interface.

As government organizations sift through the myriad of compliance requirements they need to uphold, prepare their operations and formulate query and analytics approaches, organizational leaders need solutions like Beacon Flow to maintain business management best practices.

Beacon Flow includes security, governance, and extensibility features to help organizations deploy innovation at scale. 

To learn more about our approach to applying custom-built e-business technologies in the federal and commercial markets, visit our website at: You can easily schedule a demo through our web forms online!