Employee Spotlight: Meet Maureen O’Malley

09 Jan

Employee Spotlight: Meet Maureen O’Malley

NetComm’s new blog series, Employee Spotlight, is meant to allow readers to get to know the team working toward customer success. We kick off our program by introducing Maureen O’Malley, Customer Success Specialist at NetComm.

What is your role at NetComm?

My role is a Customer Success Specialist. I help the team achieve success and drive benefits for NetComm customers by interacting and communicating with users of our products, helping customers who have questions or need assistance, listening to users’ feedback, writing documentation about the products, and providing training.

How do you keep up with new technologies and trends?

I often use social media to keep up with new technologies and trends. On Twitter, I follow Buzzfeed Tech because it covers such a wide variety of topics including current news stories as well as emerging technology. I also follow the Women in Technology (WIT) blog. I first learned about the company from attending a job fair with NetComm that WIT hosted. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend ATARC events, and I follow them on social media as well.

What NetComm project are you most proud of?

The NetComm project I am most proud of is moving our clients to the cloud. This project has really involved the entire NetComm team, and I am proud of how we have all worked together to migrate our customers. It is very rewarding to see in return how the cloud has driven benefits for our clients. We are now able to make updates and get new features out much quicker and more effectively.

How do you think NetCom makes a difference for customers?

I think NetComm makes a difference for our customers by having a focus on customer service. We not only listen and respond to feedback and concerns, but we try to understand what is important to our customers and why it matters.  We are laser-focused on building strong relationships with our customers. Customers who reach out to us know who they are talking to and trust we will be able to assist them.

We also focus on driving forward exceptional subject matter expertise. From many years of experience, all of our team members have a deep understanding of the work our users are doing, which in turn, helps us to create useful and powerful solutions.

Tell us something we didn't know about you. 

My nickname is Mo. I like to play and coach lacrosse, wakeboard, and snowboard. I love dogs, and just recently got a bulldog puppy. I come from a very large family: I have 27 first cousins on just one side! One of my favorite things to do is visit Deep Creek Lake.