Employee Spotlight: Meet Scott Schumacher

07 Feb

Employee Spotlight: Meet Scott Schumacher

NetComm’s blog series, Employee Spotlight, is meant to allow readers to get to know the team working toward customer success. This week, we are introducing Scott Schumacher, Security Manager at NetComm. 

What is your role at NetComm?

At NetComm, I serve as a full stack developer. My title is Security Manager so I dedicate a lot of my time to maintaining our systems and upholding the highest security standards possible. Because I joined as a developer, I often lend a hand when work needs to be done on our platform. I love the opportunity to wear multiple hats which is one of the advantages of working at a small business.

At NetComm, security practices infiltrate every aspect of what we do. My co-workers and I constantly discuss the work we’re doing through the lens of security, which results in a safer, more stable product.    

What do you keep up with new technologies and trends?

I think one of the best ways to stay on top of what’s new in the field is to talk to people in the industry. Most of my friends are in the industry and hearing what they’re working on, new tools they’re implementing, and challenges they encounter helps me find creative new ways to approach my work at NetComm.  

Needless to say, keeping up with the latest trends in the Federal space is essential as well. I follow FedRAMP news closely and try to stay on top of upcoming developments at the agencies, especially as it relates to migrating systems to the cloud and managing related security requirements.

For publications that aren’t specific to the federal marketplace, I subscribe to US-CERT to keep up-to-date on evolving system vulnerabilities. I also follow a few LinkedIn groups devoted to cloud computing and AWS architecture. Also, I am subscribed to a handful of JavaScript, CSS, responsive design, and SQL newsletters, and for general tech, I usually keep an eye on VentureBeat and Engadget, as well as the blogs that talk about the intersection of technology with the rest of life, like Tech Insider.

What NetComm project are you most proud of?

This one is tough! I am proud of so much of what we have accomplished in my time at NetComm. The obvious answer is being the first woman-owned small business to achieve FedRAMP approval. Our entire staff poured time and energy into putting together our FedRAMP package and it’s a perfect example of what our small but powerful team can accomplish when we put our heads together.

In addition, I’ve always had a real fondness for our Beacon platform. It was a labor of love and an outlet for many of our team members to be creative, think strategically, and approach our work in a slightly different way.  Bringing our two modules together required a lot of effort but I think the resulting product is innovative and intuitive. I’m proud to have had the opportunity to work on it.

How do you think NetComm makes a difference for its customers?

We have always seen our customers as partners. We share their mission and they drive our roadmap. I think we offer a level of customer service and customization that is unheard of in government software. Our commitment to the success of our customers and the role our products can play in that mission truly set us apart. As a result, our customers know that they can always rely on NetComm.

Tell us something we don't know about you.   

I love spending time with my family. In particular, I love watching movies with my sons such as “Weekend At Bernie’s” and anything by Mel Brooks. If you ever catch my son quoting Spaceballs, it will probably give you a laugh, but please don’t tell my wife.