NetComm Augments its Analytics Platform with Beacon Flow

23 Mar

NetComm Augments its Analytics Platform with Beacon Flow


ROCKVILLE, Md.—March 23, 2017— NetComm Inc., the leader in cloud-based data analytics in the government market, today announced that the company has augmented its Beacon data analytics platform with a new electronic routing and management product module. The recently introduced Beacon Flow enables customers to derive massive operational efficiencies, save time, and realize data discoveries by simplifying the document routing process. Specifically, federal users can upload, digitally route, sign, and approve documents, all through the Beacon interface.

NetComm’s technology suite, Beacon, is a data analytics software solution that allows users to easily manage a variety of e-business functions and create customized analytics dashboards. Its FedRAMP-certified, cloud-based model ensures immediate time-to-value, best-of-breed security controls, and limitless scalability to support government agencies’ digital workforce.

“The release of Beacon Flow augments NetComm Beacon’s robust set of features and functionality that empowers federal customers to better manage process requirements and optimize their operations – all through a single comprehensive and customizable dashboard,” said Stella Graves, NetComm’s Chief Executive Officer. “Since our FedRAMP accreditation, we’ve experienced tremendous market momentum and have strategically augmented our software platform to serve as the go-to provider for business management and analytics solutions in the federal marketplace.”

In the federal government, the lack of adaptable and secure business management solutions may lead to fragmented processes, delayed execution on mission priorities, and program errors. NetComm has a long track record of providing powerful data management and analytics tools that allow government users to more effectively manage their resources and achieve greater efficiency in support of agency missions.

To learn more about Beacon Flow, please visit NetComms’s website here or contact us directly.

About NetComm Inc.

A Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) with 30 years of federal experience, NetComm offers a variety of cloud-based analytics services through its marquee solution, the Beacon platform.

NetComm Beacon is business analytics software that allows users to easily create customized dashboards and data visualization sets. Our FedRAMP-certified, cloud-based model enables government to leverage innovation at scale and optimize daily performance. NetComm makes data analytics easily accessible and put to use with minimal technology integration, allowing customers to maximize productivity and workflow efficiencies.