Optimizing Government’s Digital Business with the Cloud

03 Aug

Optimizing Government’s Digital Business with the Cloud

Federal government agencies are using technology to improve their citizen services and harness the potential of faster, fully digitalized business processes.

From advancing automation, to using the IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) to make cities and infrastructure smarter, many government departments are now adept at leveraging next-generation technologies. However, these trends cannot adequately take hold unless the proper technology infrastructure is in place to support the increased volume of devices, user accounts, mobile connections, and more. To that end, the adoption of cloud computing in government is key to the future adoption of innovative technologies. More importantly, NetComm has witnessed first-hand how transformative the cloud is for managing the business facets of government operations.

With the FedRAMP program rapidly dwarfing the time required to undergo security review and accreditation, many federal departments are now applying cloud-based technologies for business applications and mission-critical tasks.

As the first Women Owned Small Business (WOBS) certified provider, we at NetComm see the benefits our customers derive from our cloud-based business management suite every day. By way of background, NetComm Beacon is a full-service business management suite that is FedRAMP-certified and mobile-ready. From deployment to operationalization. the cloud-based architecture of the technology underpins many of the critical features and functionality our customers praise.

Easy Deployments and Operationalization in Hours

Today, agencies are looking to adopt technologies that can fit into their current workflow and don’t require massive IT investments and large integration budgets to operationalize. With no add-on consulting and integration needed, Beacon’s cloud based infrastructure allows for easy trials and seamless initial deployments. As a result, our customers benefit from immediate time-to-value and lower total cost of ownership. Since the Beacon suite is widely applicable for a variety of process management, e-business functions, data analysis and reporting, customers can easily operationalize it without interrupting their current workflows. This makes it a popular solution amongst end-users and technology departments.

Applying the Cloud to Support Today’s Digital Workforce

Many legacy business management solutions don’t provide a positive enough experience for the user to become essential daily tools. As a result, government departments may end up underutilizing their existing resources, and in some cases, procuring duplicative solutions, increasing the chances for budgetary waste and inefficiencies. The cloud enables NetComm to deliver an easy-to-navigate interface and dashboards that appeal to the modern-day digital business user. The interface is integrated, easy-to-navigate, and entirely intuitive. With virtually unlimited storage and capacity for scale, the cloud allows us to drive speed and data availability – both critical prerequisites for the fast-paced government environment.

Realizing Greater Technology Efficiencies

With IT modernization efforts being the primary focus of the new Administration, many government officers have been tasked to derive efficiencies and save discretional budget, while operating on accelerated schedules. HR, Finance, and other critical departments have never been under so much pressure to deliver value solutions, enable the business of government, and future-proof their processes. To that end, technology needs to move at the speed of business.

Legacy, on premise solutions could involve significant operational risks and expensive infrastructure. By contrast, with cloud-based platforms that are FedRAMP-certified, there is no need to setup infrastructure (hardware, operating systems, databases, application servers, etc.), create new integrations, or deal with incompatibility issues. New tools and management systems can be made available within hours or days, not weeks or months.

At NetComm, we’ve seen many customers rapidly accelerate their business processes and optimize previously disjointed and unreliable procedures with our software tools. Since the Beacon suite is an integral part of day-to-day operations for our customers, they rely on the scalability, availability, and agility enabled by the technology’s cloud-based architecture. We couldn’t be more excited to be able to offer a solution that decisively meets the requirements of today’s government landscape.

For more information about the benefits of NetComm Beacon and how to digitalize your agency’s business with cloud-based technologies, email us at contactus@netcomm.net!  We’d be happy to connect with you and share our insights based on supporting government agencies for the past 30 years.