Q&A with NetComm CTO Laurel Fielding

27 Oct

Q&A with NetComm CTO Laurel Fielding

We are happy to share with you the latest Q&A with our CTO Laurel Fielding. Laurel discusses FedRAMP, cloud adoption in the government market, and how NetComm Beacon helps government customers achieve better operational performance.

What do you think is the state of cloud adoption in government?

We see a widespread recognition of the benefits of moving to the cloud. The cloud offers better cost options in terms of total cost of ownership, scalability, long and short-term ROI, and higher potential for innovation. Take NetComm for example.  Since our move to the cloud, we have been able to issue upgrades on a much more frequent cycle and onboard customers faster with no friction or delays.

In the past, we provided upgrades a few times a year. Now, we have monthly cycles. We are also able to scale the platform with new modules in a speedy manner. For example, we introduced Beacon Flow earlier this year, our new e-routing solution. It’s a critical tool for agencies looking to better manage and digitalize documentation and paperwork.

Last but not least, we are able to deliver customized features in a rapid fashion. When the government announced a firing freeze in early 2017, we were able to push out a feature that allowed HR managers to determine the impact and respond quickly. These types of capabilities and responsiveness are highly valued by our customers as they increase their ability to adapt and manage government directives.

How difficult is it for government agencies to move to the cloud?

Not difficult at all. We work with customers to schedule User Acceptance Testing (UAT) which normally takes 4-6 weeks for full completion. Also, having the FedRAMP certification allows us to address any security questions or concerns without hesitation. As an authorized party under FedRAMP, we have demonstrated our ability to protect customer data without spillover or conflicts.

Tell us more about what FedRAMP means to your customers?

The Office of Management and Budgets states that agencies must “use FedRAMP when conducting risk assessments, security authorizations, and granting Authority to Operate (ATOs) for all Executive department or agency use of cloud services.”

Due to our FedRAMP certification, NetComm customers can rest assured that we have put in place high security standards and will continue to do so in the future. We were the first women-owned small business to secure its certification because we understood the importance of protecting data in line with government regulations.

What’s next for NetComm?

We will continue to build out and optimize our Beacon suite to stay ahead of customer needs. The cloud enables more rapid and reliable foundation for the development and rollout of DevOps projects, agile development, and other pilots. We are proud to be able to provide updates and upgrades based on customer feedback within a month, and we plan to remain focused on supreme customer service.

If you’d like to learn more about NetComm Beacon, check the video on our latest module, Beacon Flow: http://www.netcomm.net/ or contact us at 301-984-3500 or via email at: info@netcomm.net