Six Data Analytics Insights for Government Agencies

22 Feb

Six Data Analytics Insights for Government Agencies

With data analytics projects being rolled out in almost every government agency, the technology is becoming a part of the fabric of government. In this blog, NetComm presents key insights and recommendations that federal users need to know in order to be successful with their projects.

  • The cloud accelerates time-to-value: While data analytics solutions come in all shapes and sizes, cloud-based technologies can be operationalized faster and updated continuously with no friction. As a result, users are likely going to be able to see accelerated timelines, faster iterations of new features and updates, and quicker paths to ROI.
  • Data analytics tools can help you achieve or stay in compliance – In most federal agencies, operational decisions are mostly, or entirely, dictated by mandates and regulations, and are typically established to achieve a specific goal. Having access to software tools that can provide real-time view of the ‘state of operations,’ enables decision-makers to modify processes and practices and achieve or stay in compliance.
  • Agile solutions drive user adoption – Business users often expect immediate responses to their data input and are more likely to adopt self-serving solutions that don’t require hours of training and set-up. Today’s busy federal users are looking for more robust solutions to do more than just consume content and navigate through Excel spreadsheets. As a result, agencies should look to acquire products that offer visualization options and are aligned with both business and IT capabilities.
  • Bridge the gap between IT and business  -- Even the most agile and user-friendly solution will require some minor involvement from the IT team to be properly set up and utilized. To that end, agency leaders should aim to bridge the gap between the technical team and the user to ensure that their investments in analytics are properly leveraged.
  • Mobile-ready is the new norm – In today’s digital world, the federal workforce wants reports, dashboards and other features to be accessible on the go, putting a premium on mobile-centric applications that allow users to succeed in doing their jobs in motion.
  • Customization is key -- In some federal agencies, analytics adoption is an established part of IT procurement, while in others, users are still in piloting stages. To that end, solutions that can be easily customized for non-technical users but also scale to meet the needs of more sophisticated departments are a great starting point for agencies looking to reap the benefits of the latest technologies.

At NetComm, we are dedicated to driving customizable, innovative, and secure data analytics solutions in the federal market. With our technology, customers accelerate the speed of their business and operations, while remaining compliant with federal mandates.

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