Team NetComm wins GMU CAPSTONE competition

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

We’re delighted to announce that a team sponsored by NetComm, Inc. won the GMU undergraduate Computer Science CAPSTONE competition.

As part of their coursework, George Mason University computer science students team up with experts for CAPSTONE projects, sponsored by industry.  NetComm Inc, with help from our friends at Coalfire Systems, sponsored this year’s winning team, conceiving of the project and mentoring the students.  Despite fierce competition (from teams sponsored by much bigger companies), our team was the clear winner.

Scorecard showing NetComm team win

Team NetComm’s project was to develop a highly available, multi-device, secure mobile platform.  Security was the key consideration – both to meet existing standards and to anticipate, detect, and prevent inappropriate access to the data contained.  At the same time, the software needed to be fast and seamless to be of real value to the users. Students had to research various technologies, justify their selections against real-world needs, and then build a pilot project that satisfied these ambitious goals. 

The resulting application was then tested for real-world attack vectors through rigorous penetration testing by our friends at Coalfire, and the team built in safeguards to address any issues found – mimicking the real-world challenges facing every company, but especially those in the public sector space.

As with the NetComm Beacon platform, this mobile app platform needed to consider rigorous FedRAMP standards for encryption and activity monitoring, and high availability from the mobile platform to a cloud environment. Two-way asymmetrical encryption would protect communications, while the app would support multi-factor authentication login security.  The design challenge was significant but relevant – for further details, check out the project poster the team put together.

We couldn’t be prouder of our GMU student team, and can’t wait to see what these smart kids build in the future.

NetComm GMU Capstone Team